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Swim Token - Rewards made easy

Swim Token will be live June 2021! Subscribe for details and pre release Airdrops.

0% target raised
1 SWT = 1 ETH

Swim Token Pool coming soon!

Swim Token public STO coming soon - May 12, 2021! For access to the early round be sure to sign up for our newsletter to receive an access code.


Million USD ? expected revenue of coins by 2022


billion potential clients worldwide


no borders for international payments


faster transaction speed

What is Swim?

Swim is a rewards based utility token that allows token holders access to redeem goods, services, prizes and experiences across the entire SwimChain and partner networks.

Swim provides incentives for green community regeneration by partnering with local, national and international environmental groups such as earth day, national clean up day and N.E.E.D the national energy education development project.


January 2021
Swim Coin - Founders/Core team formed - January 2021
Swim begins consensus & development
Total Market Capitalization
May 2021
Pre STO Invite Only Round - May 4, 2021
First 1,000, 000 Bitcoins were released to the public through private sale each one costing $0.0025 ETH
$250, 000
Open public secure offering to commence on May 12, 2021
May 2021
Secure Token Offering - Round 1
First 200, 000, 000 tokens release to public through
Round 1 - Open to public STO commencing May 12th 2021at midnight.
June 2021
Commence Deployment of
Deployment of Swims own blockchain Swimchain allowing developers to build applications DAPPS on Swim.
Phase 1 deployment of Swim infrastructure
June 2021
Secure Token Offering - Round 2
Second batch of tokens totally 300, 000, 000 tokens release to public through
$30, 000, 000
Second round public token offering post deployment of as we develop and show proof of concept.
July 2021
Secure Token Offering - Round 3
Third batch of 400, 000, 000 tokens released to public through
$40, 000, 000
Final token offering round being made available to public before being launched across multiple coin exchanges.
August 2021
Launch and rollout of DAPPs
Swim.Live and Swim.Market will go live to market as the first of the SwimChain applications.
Total Market Capitalization

How Token Distribution Works?

Purchase directly through the site and you will then receive a login to the platform where you can send your Swim to alternate wallets or exchange within the STO platform for Ethereum

Total Token Distribution

Token Sales Graph

Secured STO

Secured STO to be operational through the site commencing May 4, 2021 for a private round and May 12, 2021 for first public offering.

STO Allocation

Over the 3 public rounds and 1 private token offering rounds, Swimtoken will be issuing 999 000 000 tokens for sale to the public throughout the offering period.

Legal purpose

Swim is not liable or responsible for price action &/or transactional services and securities made on any of the Swimchain sites, platforms or exchanges. .

Meet our (awesome) team

Team, photos coming soon!


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How do I find out more about Swim?

Easy! Just sign up to the site to receive our newsletter or email us at

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